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Since I was little I have been quite different to everybody else. I was a restless child, interested in things that others ignored. This has given me a lot of satisfactions, as well as a lot of headaches.

At the age of 5 I discovered the electricity. The christmas lights showed me the meaning of “although you dont see it, it is there”. Years later I could apply it to the radio-controll helix. On my way, I learnt a lot of things, had a few cramps and a lot of scares.

When I became 14, I received my first motorbike, and with 15 my father and I dissasembled the engine in the living room. It was love at first sight. That day I knew I would always be a motorbike passionate. My father also teached me to love nature and fishing.

Since then, I never stopped messing up with engines, painting and everything that fell in my hands.I got used to try and fail each day, and savour every work well done.

In my early twenties I began to work in a truck multinational, where I discovered the mechanical manufacturing. Here I learnt the secrets of the metal.

More than 10 years later I decided to look for new challenges. I started to study and soon I found a job in the aeronautical world, where I was amazed by the precision and the numeric control. There I spent my last 10 years, discovering the secrets of a huge milling machine where I mechanized the aeronautical structures in carbon fiber for the principal airlines.

The feeling of being different that has been with me since I was little soon became the base of my personality, and I proyected it in my two sons,who, since they started walking, help me doing modifications, cutting, painting and welding their bicycles.

Soon, friends, family and neighbours started making orders and asking me for bigger proyects wich I gratefully accepted.

Then is when I discovered my new vocation: Build unique bikes, customized, completely personalized, because being unique is the base of my character and my philosofy of life.

If you want to have a bike that makes you different from the rest, that adapts to you, and that wakes up the envy of the rest, that makes everyone remember you, and that when they talk about you the say: OHHHH YES! The one with that bicycle soooo cool!!!!…. Get in touch with me.

If you want to let your imagination fly, and that we build a bike together, for you and only you, I have one clear idea…. YOUR LIFE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN!

José Luis De Castro


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Sockeye bikeThis bicycle is inspired in the Sockeye, that is how the natives of the Alaska`s west coast and Canada called the Red Salmon of the Pacific. It is clearly recognized by his red colour in is loin, his silver belly and his incredible strength and tenacity.
Chum bikeInspired in the Dog Salmon, called Chum by the natives of the Alaska`s West Coast and Canada, it is characterized by his irregular spots and his huge and excessive teeth.
Mr. Pickleman bikeWith a scoundrel look and a touch of rebellion it is inspired in the the “West Coast Chopper” and will be the delight of the smallest ones.
Portobello burgerRed onion jam, cheddar, triple cooked chips$13
Sweetcorn and risottoHoney glazed root vegetables, crispy kale$18
Venison bolognaiseParmesan crisp, pappardelle, green beans$21
Breaded plaice filletChips, peas, tartare sauce$13
Fillet of sea bassSamphire, aubergine, chilli and garlic oil$14

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